1. Women’s Right

The Commission is currently collaborating with other stake holders on a project on the legal reform and legal aid for the advancement of women in Nigeria. This project is under the guidance of the National Centre for Women Development and sponsored by the World Bank. Other members’ are-

  • The Federal Ministry of Justice
  • The National Human Right Commission
  • The Legal Aid Council
  • The Federal Ministry of Women Affairs
  • The International Federation of Women Lawyers
  • WRAPPA. (An NGO)

One of the major activities of the project is to undertake a comprehensive compilation of International Conventions, the Constitution, National and State Laws, Religious Laws, Customary Laws and practice and Court decisions related to the status of women and children in Nigeria.

  1. Revisit of Company and Allied Matters Act 1990

This Act has been in operation now for fourteen years and we believe that it is the catalyst for the growth of business in Nigeria. Consequently, the Act should not be allowed to lag behind in keeping with the needs of the business world. The Commission is therefore revisiting the Act with the aim of up-dating it and bringing it at par with business development both in Nigeria and Internationally. Consumer Protection Laws.

The Commission is also looking into the Consumer Protection Law with a view to consolidating it and reforming it to adequately protect consumers of products and services from sharp practices that were not in existence or even envisaged some 20 years ago or more when the laws were enacted. Reform of Provision Relating to Bail and Sentencing.

  1. Consumer Protection Laws

The Commission has embarked on the review and reform of the criminal procedure laws in Nigeria with the aim of eliminating delays in the entire criminal process and attendant prison congestion. The project is expected to cover, bail, sentencing and the criminal process from arraignment to conviction.

  1. Reform of Family Law

The project involves a re-visitation of the Commission’s Report on the Reform of the Marriage Act and new proposals for the reform of the law of family relations with a view to promoting family stability, and ultimately, the maintenance of stability in Nigeria society.


The members and legal officers of the Commission serve on various Committees set up by the Hon. Attorney-General among which are:

National Committee on Corruption and other Economic Crimes.

National Committee on Banking, Fraud and Financial Practice.

Committee on the Revision of the laws of the Federation 1990.