The systematic reform and development of the Law requires a specialized library with Law research collections, serving mainly the legal research officers.

Information in this regard, is an indispensable requisite or condition for the progressive study of legal history and law development, comparative analysis and research. The above statement might have informed the founding fathers to entrench the establishment of a functional Law library in the Act that established the commission.


Section 5(4) of the Nigerian Law Reform Commission Act provides for the establishment of law library, and it states that:

     “For the purpose of the efficient performance of its functions under the Act, the commission may        from time to time, obtain such information’s as to the legal systems of any such function.”


The Law Library

Therefore, the law library was established in 1979 with the appointment of Mrs. Nadesh Akindele, a professional librarian who with the support of the commission formulated the take-off policy. The commission maintains an appreciable medium size library with 25,000 volumes of books including law reports and journals, and provides the information required in fulfilling the statutory objectives of law reform activities. These include:

  • Provision of reference and referral services.
  • Loan services
  • Selection and acquisition of legal and allied materials
  • InterLibrary loan
  • Current awareness service
  • Bibliographic services
  • Readers services
  • Book technical processing (cataloging and classification)
  • Updating of statutes, Newspapers cuttings, etc.

The law library stock contains core collections of Nigerian and Foreign legal materials and publications of law reform agencies worldwide. Our collections can be accessed through the card catalogues arranged in three separate parts; namely the Author/Title, The subject, and the Classified Sections respectively. The present commission headed by Justice O.O Somolu has further upgrade the library through recent acquisitions of reading carrels, double and single sided steel shelves, security check-in lockers and circulation tables, as well as core legal reference materials and books to update the library collections to meet international standards in service delivery.

Sale of Law Reform Publications

Added to the Library functions, is the sale of all published research works of the commission. The under listed law reform publications are available for purchase in the library and on-site at any of our out-door activities, such as seminars, workshops and conferences. They include:

  • The Nigerian Law Reform Journals Vols. 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
  • Reform of Marriage Act 1981
  • Report of Labour Law 1987
  • Report on Pre-1900 statutes of General Application in Nigeria 1991
  • Report on Nigerian Company Law 1991
  • Report on Industrial Property Law 1991
  • Focus on Law Reform 1991
  • Reform of Land Use Act 1992
  • Reform of Prisons Act 1991, & 1993
  • Nigerian Law Reform Journal- 1996 NLRJ
  • Report on existing Federal Laws and the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 2000
  • Reform of Evidence Act 1991, Updated in 2003
  • Reform Uniform High court Rules (Civil Procedure)
  • Working Paper on the Reform of Family Law 2005 Vol. 1, 2 & 3

Computerization of the Library

  There is an ongoing computerization of the entire Commission including the library. It is hoped that by the year 2007, the library services would be on the internet.